January 4, 2018

"Arizona's best Tai Chi instructor! Rose is a great teacher and she makes learning Tai Chi fun and easy. Since learning Tai Chi my lower back, knees, and shoulders feel better than ever. Thanks Rose!"
January 4, 2018

"Great experience training with master Rose! She has an unique way of teaching and her passionate spirit about martial art always make you feel that you want to learn more and train harder!"
January 5, 2016

"I have known Rose for a number of years as a martial artist and a friend. Her physical abilities are top notch in the wushu field (I also teach wushu and have taught Chinese Martial Arts for 31 years). She is very excellent with getting the most out of her students and knows how to push them to make them the best they can be. Beyond that she is a superb lovely lady with a wonderful smile and laugh."
January 3, 2016

"If you are looking for real tradition Tai Chi & Chinese Martial Arts master, Rose Wang will be your best choice. She was trained professionally in China for over 18 years, taught in the US for 5 years to any age of students. I joined her senior Tai Chi & Tai Chi Sword classes in Colorado and she is the best instructor ever, very professional, I learned a lot from her. She divides hard forms into small pieces for senior class with great skills and clear explanation. Also really enjoyed performing with her and wish she could be in Colorado forever."
December 16, 2015

"We are a couple in our 60's who wanted to learn the modern version of the 24 forms Yang style Tai Chi. Rose gets our highest recommendation. She is extraordinarily talented, both as a performer, and more importantly to us, as a teacher. We had private lessons and also went to a Tai Chi workshop she conducted. There were more than 35 people in that workshop which required a very different approach to teaching. We found she excels at both. Prospective students: seize this opportunity."