About Tai Chi

  • Tai Chi

    A specialty of Rose Wang Martial Arts, Tai Chi is a slow-motion exercise with breath and meditation, which is also called “meditation in motion”. This mind-body practice originated in China as part of Chinese martial h3, and also been considered as preventing many health problems, such as relieving stress & arthritic pain, reducing bone loss & blood pressure, enhancing mental capacity & concentration, strengthening ankles & knees, improving depression and sleep, help with Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s and more. This slow-motion exercise helps maintain strength, flexibility, balance, and young.
  • Tai Chi Fan

    Tai Chi fan is another expression of Tai Chi with the added elegance and beauty of the fan. This form is a lot of fun and challenging, helping you to progress your skills from a beginner level to a higher level. The form is created by Rose Wang and is specially tailored for seniors, with a routine that combines the characteristics of Tai Chi Quan with the artistic and martial function of the fan. Practicing the Tai Chi fan could help develop your strength, balance, health, flexibility and further your training. Whether you’ve been practicing Tai Chi or other sports for health and enjoyment, you will find Tai Chi fan a wonderful and great addition to your overall Tai Chi performance and regimen.
  • Tai Chi Sword

    Tai Chi sword is an elegant, beautiful and advanced form of Tai Chi combined with sword techniques. This Yang 32 form needs good balance, flexibility, strength and basic sword skills for advanced level students. Interested students in Hansville, Poulsbo, Quilcene, or Bainbridge Island, WA should contact us to learn more, or sign up for one of our classes to try it for yourself today!