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Rose Wang Martial Arts is the leading provider of traditional, authentic Chinese martial arts instruction in the Hansville area. Our business is founded by acclaimed international expert, Master Rose Wang. We offer beginner to advanced level classes in advanced martial arts, wushu, Tai Chi instruction, martial arts weapons and more.

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Wushu & Tai Chi Classes

When you invest time and effort into martial arts classes, you want to feel confident that you’re learning from the best. At Rose Wang Martial Arts, you can rest assured that your classes are carefully designed and instructed by the premier provider of traditional Chinese martial arts in Hansville, Poulsbo, Quilcene, and Bainbridge Island, WA. Rose Wang Martial Arts is owned by Master Rose Wang, who began her training in traditional martial arts at age seven in China. Throughout her career, she has become an acclaimed international expert and has won competitions at the national championship level. In recent years, her U.S. team has competed at the national level, and has won numerous significant awards.

Those who enroll in classes at Rose Wang Martial Arts, benefit from Master Rose Wang’s years of experience as she coaches and mentors students to succeed at every performance level. We offer beginner, intermediate and advanced martial arts classes to support each student’s practice and training. Rose Wang Martial Arts offers a wide range of classes in many areas of advanced martial arts, including Tai Chi fans, Tai Chi swords, Tai Chi Quan, nun-chucks, performing classes, fists, martial arts weapons and wushu in Hansville, WA. For students’ added convenience, lessons are available at two locations with a variety of scheduled class times. Clients choose Rose Wang Martial Arts for Tai Chi classes because:

  • Master Rose Wang is an accomplished instructor who has performed at the national championship level.
  • Our studio offers classes for beginner, intermediate and advanced students.
  • Master Rose Wang has led her U.S. team to national competitions and award-winning successes.
  • We offer a diverse range of classes in martial arts, martial arts weapons, Tai Chi, wushu, performance and more.
  • We provide each student with exceptional and individualized instruction in traditional martial arts.

Chinese Martial Arts

Providing authentic, traditional Chinese martial arts in Hansville, WA.

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